For a small state, we apparently have a lot of phone numbers.

Maybe I'm behind the times. It seems other states, obviously much larger than ours, have multiple area codes. While I don't know much about the process, I assume that these states just add codes. I don't think they take the OG code away and then replace it with others. So I'm not sure why it's a big deal that Maine is running out of 207's.

I guess there's a nostalgia factor. For instance, it took my mom years to be ok with getting rid of the landline at camp. It'd just always been there. It was one of the very first phone numbers in Eddington at the time. Yes, we've had the camp a long time. But my mom held out forever, just due to sentimental attachment.

We're fighting a losing battle to keep 207 by itself.

According to Fox 22, Maine was originally facing  the end of 207 by 2027. Now it looks like we'll be able to stave it off until 2029. The thing that confuses me, is what I mentioned earlier. Won't it just mean we add a new area code? The vibe is that it's somehow going away when we run out. Does anyone really care if we have two?

I don't know if it sets off people's internal alarm system because it means there's more people moving to Maine? Hard to say. But at some point, well, roughly six years from now, 207 will have a partner in crime. It's not happening overnight, and whatever choices that need to be made will happen by then.

But maybe in the meantime, I think we have bigger fish to fry than whether or not we have to add an additional area code. I could be wrong, but I think we'll survive.

Aren't phones only good for photos at this point anyway?

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