An Aroostook County man is behind bars after he was charged with assaulting an elderly man at an apartment building in Eagle Lake.

Aroostook County Sheriff's Office
Aroostook County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff’s Deputies were called to Summer Street in Eagle Lake shortly after 6:30 Monday morning, according to Aroostook County Sheriff Darrell Crandall. In the course of their investigation, deputies learned that 29-year-old Tyler Saucier was intoxicated in the front yard of the apartment building yelling at another tenant for looking out the window.

Saucier then allegedly went to the tenant’s door and kicked it. The tenant, a 77-year-old man, opened the door and Saucier took the man’s cane, causing him to fall, Crandall said. Saucier is then purported to have hit the man repeatedly with the cane, causing injuries to the victim’s hand, leg and knee, as well as breaking the man’s eyeglasses.

Deputies arrested Saucier, charging him with aggravated assault, a Class B felony. Saucier was taken to the Aroostook County Jail, and is scheduled to make an initial court appearance on Wednesday, Sheriff Crandall said.

The maximum penalty for this crime is ten years in prison.

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