On your mark! Get Set! GO!!! Double Dare Live is coming to the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor with original host Marc Summers!

If you grew up in the '80s and '90s then you were likely a fan of Nickelodeon's Double Dare, the game show pitting two teams of kids against each other to answer trivia questions or take the physical challenge.

The show was about the messiest thing you had ever seen on TV and it was awesome, especially the Double Dare obstacle course bonus round.

Nickelodeon brought Double Dare back in 2018 with new host, YouTube star Liza Koshy. Original host Marc Summers was on board too as a co-host.

Now Marc is touring the country with Double Dare Live, a travelling version based on the iconic game show. Based on this YouTube video of the show in North Carolina, It looks like Marc may be touring with Robin (Marrella) Russo who was a stage assistant on the original show helping with the physical challenges.

Double Dare Live is only making one stop in Maine at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on December 8. Tickets go on sale Friday, August 30th at 10:00 a.m. at CrossInsuranceCenter.com or by calling 207-561-8333.




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