Happy Anniversary to Chief Cummings

Congratulations to Fort Fairfield Police Chief Matthew E. Cummings on his one year anniversary as Chief of Police.

The Chief thanked the Fort Fairfield community and posted a photo of a thank you note he received with some donuts and coffee. 

He also mentioned the department's growth over the last year, saying. “It has been a great year for us here at the Fort Fairfield PD from having only 1 part-time employee a year ago today to having 4 full-time employees and several part-time officers.”

Following Fort Fairfield Police on Social Media

We’ve followed many of the Chief's posts on Facebook which include collecting some historical FFPD memorabilia and even a shout-out to Big Country 96.9 and Original Country Gold. 

Police Badge

Chief Cummings was able to secure one piece of Fort Fairfield history when he found an old badge on eBay and brought it back home where it belongs. Check out the original article.

FFPD Patch

There was also the time when Cummings was able to get a classic FFPD patch from eBay. This was a great discussion on Facebook about its history. You can read the full story on the homepage.

Listening to Local Radio

One of our favorite memories is when the Chief posted about listening to Original Country Gold on Big Country 96.9. He included a photo of the radio playing the station with Main Street in the background.

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FFPD on Facebook

Thank You Chief Cummings for the great work you. Follow the Fort Fairfield Police Department on Facebook. They post on a regular basis with important and interesting content related to the local communities.

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