What would we do without the American Red Cross? There are so many ways they help those in our community and they could use our help in order to help those in need.

Community Spotlight caught up with Mary Green, Community Manager for the American Red Cross of Aroostook County to find out how important they are to those of us in the County.

"I don't think people realize all of the great things that the American Red Cross does, especially right here in the County"

Green stated how the American Red Cross gives away free smoke alarms to anyone that might need them, regardless of their financial status, and they give as many alarms as they need.

Not long ago, Green shared how the American Red Cross installed about 8 - 10 smoke alarms in a farmhouse right here in the County.

When we think of the American Red Cross, many of us think about the blood supply they have in order to help those who need it, provided by friends and neighbors right here in the County.

There is a great need for blood drives in the County right now.

About every six weeks, staff comes to the County in order to conduct blood drives to up the supply they need should a tragedy take place.  Green explains,

"We are in a critical shortage of blood supply right now due to the weather, such as hurricanes, so every time someone donates, multiple lives are saved."

This is why it is so important for people to give blood, if they're able, in order to possibly help a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or family member right here in the County.

The American Red Cross is teaming up with Cary Medical Center again this year, with various opportunities to give blood at any one of their multiple blood drives this year.

Click here for blood drive dates and locations.

John Moore/ Getty Images
John Moore/ Getty Images

Thinking about our friends in Fort Kent, who experienced flooding last year, the American Red Cross of Aroostook County was there to help aid them.

Green said, "The Red Cross is always ready to respond."

Quick response times is a hallmark of the American Red Cross thanks to shelter tents, 2 emergency response vehicles, and volunteers within their organization.

Green thinks that, because of the storms we've been having this season, we're just one storm away from the next disaster right here in the County.

If you would like to help, you may contact the American Red Cross by visiting their website here or call Mary Green at 207-498-5050.

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