It really doesn't matter if it's winter, spring, summer, or fall, tourism and great things to do in any town is an all-season sport. But how do we bring the increase of tourists?

This week in our Community Spotlight segment, we caught up with Woodstock's Chief Administrative Officer - John Pinsent who shared his vision and ideas in order to increase tourism in his area of New Brunswick.

Pinsent said that he would like to increase visibility and long-term vision in order to attract tourists to the quaint, little town of Woodstock, which is settled in among two rivers. 

Pinsent explains,

"There are a couple of components of it. One is that you want to get people to want to live in your community first and then tourism follows afterward. The other piece is outward reach."


Pinsent says that one of the ways he's accomplishing outreach to tourists is ensuring that the town has an up-to-date website with capabilities needed in order to attract people to Woodstock with good information about what people can do once they visit.

He said they have updated their online presence with an up-to-date website to replace a site that was more antiquated.

He's also reached out to the community via Facebook to ask them what they think could be done in order to reach out to tourists to promote and properly market bass fishing events, snowmobiling, skiing, boating, arts, and cultural events and such-like.

Knowing many communities have a small budget, to include Woodstock, Pinsent suggests any administrative officer, town manager, or mayor to begin their own Facebook page which basically will cost them nothing.






He's been successful updating the community on what's happening in Woodstock through his Facebook page and getting public input on what they would like to see and to find out what their concerns are in order to help him better achieve the goals they have for their community.

A virtual open-door policy, if you will, which, according to Pinsent, has been very successful in fielding questions from the public and sharing solutions in order to make their community a better place to live and visit.

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