For some people, when an actor comes out and says something you disagree with, it's hard to watch them in the movies anymore without thinking about their point of view. As time goes by you tend to forget what an incredible actor they really are. I think that's what happened to the band 'Stryper.'

loading...[/caption]In the 80's, Stryper broke through as a heavy metal Christian band. Instead of throwing out drumsticks and guitar picks they threw out Bibles. Granted, the comic book character 'Yellow and Black Attack' was kind of corny but hey, so was KISS. Any rock and roll band has a difficult time breaking through, imagine what an uphill climb it was for Stryper. They had a huge hit with the song 'Honestly' but ask any Stryper fan and it was the song in the video below that they'll sing to you.

Fast forward to 2013. The original lineup of Michael and Robert Sweet, Oz Fox and Jeffrey Gains is still intact. A new album, No More Hell To Pay. A return to the classic sound and a video for the first single that despite the stigma has been sitting at #1 on for 8 straight weeks. This is a 'fan-voted' chart folks. I will freely admit that I was and am a fan of the band all the way back to Soldiers Under Command. Even before they're pop hit 'Honestly.' I have to say it's great to hear the old sound again with the same positive message. This new album is kick ass!  Watch the title cut below and look them up online.

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