This is unbelievable... a teenager robs a bank, steals a car and then rants about it on YouTube!

hannah sabata

Hannah Sabata, 19, from Nebraska, posted a video of herself bragging about committing a bank robbery. In the unfortunate self-confession video titled ‘Chick Bank Robber’ (creative I know) Sabata tells us she will spend the money she took to pay off her financial aid and then go on a shopping spree.

I guess no one told this ‘chick robber’ that the only clothes she’d be wearing for a while is an orange jumper.

Watch the jaw-dropping video

This story gets weirder and sadder by the second. It appears that Sabata had a baby boy but the Department of Human Services took him away from her. To which she says: ‘The government stole my baby ... and they took him away before I could even take him home ... and they charged me with child neglect ... I may not be a mother anymore but I can still find purpose.’

The teeanger entered a Waco bank and handed a note that read: ‘You are being robbed! NO ALARMS OR LOCKS OR PHONES or INK BAGS! I have a loaded gun. You have 2 minutes.’ She walked away with $6,256. The cops recovered all of the money, but $30.

Sabata is currently in jail.

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