When it comes to helping Aroostook County residents live healthier and safer lives, they can count on the programs offered by Cary Medical Center in Caribou.

Thanks to Cary Medical Center and the support of many of their community partners, they have rolled out two brand new community education initiatives aimed at helping and assisting County residents to live healthier and safer lives.

The first program is a continuation of the home fire safety training that has been a huge success across the County.

The program has also provided smoke detectors and fire escape planning to area residents and will now incorporate carbon monoxide poisoning prevention resources and training.

The second program is the launch of the Siruno Stroke Prevention Program which will provide classes and screenings for people who may be at risk for stroke. The program mainly focuses on four main stroke risk concerns: hypertension, diabetes, nutrition and physical activity.

The Siruno Stroke Prevention Program is named after the late Cesar Siruno, M.D. who was a General Surgeon who served on the hospital's medical staff for more than 20 years.

Unfortunately, he suffered a major stroke and never fully recovered and died on January 1, 2009. At the time of his death, the family created an Endowment managed by the Jefferson Cary Foundation.

Cary Medical Center's CEO, Kris Doody, R.N., who announced the projects said, "Healthy You' has become the most successful health promotion in program history."

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