Limestone woman advances in Maxim contest 

Just a couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Candy Whitmore, a local woman seeking to become the next Maxim CoverGirl. The contest is based on votes received by each contestant and cuts are made based on those votes.

Kristen McKay Photo
Kristen McKay Photo

Exercise your right to vote 

Candy finished first place in her group to advance from the Round of 20 to the top 15 round. The voting for the top 15 is currently going on and the window for voting will end on Thursday June 30 at 7:00 p.m. You can click here to go vote for Candy and track her progress throughout the competition. Candy's fan page on Facebook can be found here.

Kristen McKay Photo
Kristen McKay Photo

The contest deadline for voting is as follows:  

* Top 15 begins June 23rd to June 30th 

* Top 10 begins June 30th to July 7th 

* Top 5 begins July 7th to July14th 

* Group Finals begins July 14th to 21st 

-public voting helps reduce to 1 preliminary winner in each group to top 5 entrants.  

* Wildcard Round July 22nd to July 24th 

-Entrants from second place compete in shortened round for second chance at quarterfinals. 

* Quarterfinals July 25th to August 4th 

-Preliminary group winners are divided into quarterfinal groups. Voting reset, public voting determines 1 winner from each quarterfinal group, who then advances to semifinals 

* Semifinals August 5th to August 11th 

-Quarterfinals winners will be divided into semifinal groups. Voting will be reset; public voting determines 1 winner from semifinal groups who then advance to finals. 

* Finals August 12th to August 18th 

-Voting reset, public voting determines the winner of Maxim Cover Girl

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