Legendary The Beatles bassist-vocalist Paul McCartney recently had a chance airport encounter with Julian Lennon, the 59-year-old son of McCartney's late foil in The Beatles, John Lennon. And Julian shared photos from their run-in on social media.

The impromptu meeting holds substantial weight for Beatles fans, not to mention Julian himself. After all, McCartney wrote The Beatles' classic "Hey Jude" about a five-year-old Julian in 1968. As is now firmly entrenched among Beatles lore, the song was meant to encourage the young boy, whose father had just left his mother, the late Cynthia Lennon, for the avant-garde artist Yoko Ono.

Down toward the bottom of this post, see the heartwarming photo of Julian and McCartney together in an airport earlier this month, 54 years after "Hey Jude" emerged.

"It's Amazing who you run into in an airport Lounge!" Julian said of the selfie. "None other than Uncle Paul…. So, so lovely, and what are the chances… Thankful…."

In September, Julian released his first solo album in over a decade, the aptly titled JUDE. It features singles such as "Lucky Ones," "Save Me" and "Freedom." (Get the album here.) Attached to their selfie together on Nov. 12, Julian included a photo of McCartney displaying the JUDE album on a smartphone.

McCartney's latest solo album, McCartney III, came out in 2020. Sean Lennon, John's 47-year-old son with Ono, is also a musician.

Julian Lennon + Paul McCartney Photo - Nov. 12, 2022

The Beatles, "Hey Jude" (Music Video)

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