Another funny post on the Bangor PD's Facebook page. This time, it's a wake up call for the Bangor Firefighters. Lights, cameras, action are too real in this story.

(BELOW) It's 3:47 a.m. and the BPD are making friends:

The red light, grimace and wide eyes add to the video as Officer Keith Larby says in the facebook post:

Oh look at the firefighters, all tucked in, sleeping soundly. No lights on... I think it's time to play the song of my people." The lights flash & roll and the sirens blare as Larby wraps it up, saying, "Remember, kids, you too can wake up firefighters."

It's hard to tell if he actually sounded the sirens in front of the BFD in the early morning. You don't see the exterior when he makes all the noise. We need more evidence.

We'll keep looking for a response from the Bangor Fire Department - after they get some sleep.