Don't worry about grabbing a weapon or boarding up the doors because walkers are not coming to Maine.

The Walking Dead
Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

According to a recent article, AMC and the Maine Department of Film and Television Production (which doesn't actually exist? All we have is the Maine Film Office) announced 'The Walking Dead' will shoot a LIVE episode of the popular TV show in Maine next month...

Doug Ray from the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development has something to say about the announcement "it's not true..." Thanks, Doug.

AMC does not plan to shoot in the North Maine Woods. The 'Modern Philosopher' blog has a history of creating clever ruses to get the public excited (myself included).

However, if you want to catch an episode 'The Walking Dead' airs Sunday nights on AMC .

So don't worry about stocking up on canned goods and first aid kits folks! If you're a fan of 'The Walking Dead' let us know on Facebook!

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