For years, one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Bangor has been Stephen and Tabitha King's iconic house. For fans of the master of horror, the idea that they could step foot in his house (or even just snap a photo outside of it) is a thrill of a lifetime. But recently, there's been one noticeable eyesore in the yard of the King's house. A dead tree. It seemed fitting for many fans, but Tabitha King viewed it differently. She wanted to give it a second life.

Shared on Facebook by Andy Feldman, the once dead tree was recently unveiled as a frightening and stunning piece of artwork. The tree will is guaranteed to become a massive photo op for many people as it tells a story from top to bottom with rich characters and impressive detail. Many commenters on Feldman's post exclaimed that it couldn't possibly be the same tree. As it turns out, it most definitely is.

The Maine artist behind this handiwork is named Josh Landry. Landry specializes in custom carving and fine art, with an impressive gallery of his creations found on his website. The amount of precision and detail put into this sculpture on the King's property is rather unbelievable.

What the tree doesn't have? It's own name and it really deserves one. So to the Stephen King fans all across Maine and the rest of the world, what shall this tree be known by?

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