No doubt, we all have something or someone who, as they say in the south, 'get our goat.' Sometimes these things are regional or they vary from state to state.

For instance, what makes people peeved in Florida may different from what peeves us here in the Pine Tree State and so on.

Here are 5 things that can make Mainers a bit angry that are unique to Maine.

  1. Pronunciation of Names - Take Bangor, for instance. It drives Mainer's crazy when someone from away calls it Banger or Bang-grrrr. It's not Banger, it's Bangor, silly!
  2. Don't ask why Mainer's wear L.L. Bean shoes, or 'duck boots.' Slip once in all the snow we have and you'll answer you're own question.
  3. Mainers hate it when people ask, "How come ya'll eat lobster all the time?" Um...all the time?" Yeah, like that's all we eat is lobster. Gotta have my lobster on eggs, lobster sandwich, lobster and veggies for supper, lobster and ice cream for dessert -  EVERY, STINKIN', SINGLE, DAY of our lives! Potatoes, maybe, but not lobster. That would be like saying people in Nebraska eat corn every day.
  4. Mainer's hate it when people from away move up here only to tell us how great they did things in another state. If it was working so great for you there, then why did you move here?
  5. Two men dancing in a parade in Vermont. Not that Mainer's care about two men dancing in a parade, but in cut-off shorts and duck boots? C'mon.

What are some of the things people from away ask you that causes a bit (or a lot) of irritation? Feel free to post them in the comments section below.


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