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Troop F of the Maine State Police issued a statement on Monday that there has been a "sharp increase” in calls for drug related overdoses in recent weeks. The release says that Troopers are currently investigating 5 OVERDOSE DEATHS SINCE NOVEMBER! 

Jury hands down indictment 

Within the statement, officials confirmed that a woman from Presque Isle has been indicted on charges in connection to the overdose death of a 40-year-old Mapleton man.

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On October 19, 2019 officers arrived at residence on the West Chapman Road in Mapleton and the male was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation into the death led officers to the source from Presque Isle who the drugs were purchased.  

Now 36-year-old Melissa Carney of Presque Isle is charged with Aggravated Trafficking Scheduled Drugs-Resulting in Death. An Aroostook County Grand Jury indicted Carney on November 18, 2021, and she was taken into custody on December 1. She was processed and is now out on bail until her next appearance. 

Just think about this...

There have been five lives lost in Aroostook County to drug overdoses since November, and there have been several more in recent years. There are five families in Aroostook County who have been stricken with grief at an exhausting time of year. It's not just the individual who is impacted when an overdose death occurs.

If this saves one person..

The Maine State Police acknowledged that drug addiction is a serious problem in Aroostook County and the State of Maine. You can access the free resources offered by the MSP in their statement if you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction. Carney still has the chance to turn her life around, but there are many others who no longer have that chance.

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