We all donate in some way, right?  And I'm not just talking financially. You could donate items or time to philanthropic organizations.  Whether it's just a few bucks at the pet store when you're checking out, giving blood, donating money to your friend's walk to fight cancer, annual donations to your favorite charity, giving clothes and toys to shelters, or carving out personal time to help an organization, it feels good.  From $5 to $500,000, it all helps.  From one hour to 100 hours annually of volunteer work, it all helps.

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So where does New England stand in its donations of time and money?  Again, every bit helps.  However, it is nice to know when your state and region is stepping up to the plate so selflessly.  WalletHub came up with this list of states with the most generous residents by comparing all 50 states, using indicators ranging from volunteering to monetary donations.


Maine tops the list for New England states at #11, even though it was near the bottom for percentage of income donations.  A big part of that is because while being one of the poorest states, its donations were through the roof.  Stand up and applaud, Maine.

New Hampshire landed at #14, being one of the richest states and donating the most, even though its percentage of donations compared to income was near the bottom.

Massachusetts sits at #20, being one of the richest states and donating the most, and Connecticut is #22 for the same reason.  If you want to see a more complete picture of this WalletHub study, click here. Nicely done, New England.

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