A 30-year-old man was arrested Friday and charged with murder of a 34-year-old man from Windham.

Arrest Warrant for Murder

The Maine State Police said Joseph Chute from Leeds was taken into custody without incident after an arrest warrant was issued for him.

Murder Charges

Chute is charged with murdering Alex Jackson from Windham.

Victim Reported Missing

Jackson’s family reported him missing to the Windham Police Department on May 14, 2023. He was last seen on May 12.

Windham Police
Windham Police

Family had no Contact

The family had no contact with Jackson, which was atypical behavior for him, said Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety.

10-Month Homicide Investigation

Over the next 10 months, the Maine State Police, Windham Police Department, Lewiston Police Department, Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office, and the New Hampshire State Police investigated the case.

Warrant and Arrest

A warrant was issued and Chute was arrested. He was transported to the Androscoggin County Jail and was being held without bail.

“Body Not Recovered”

“ The body of Jackson has not been recovered at this time,” said Moss.

Initial Court Appearance

Chute’s court appearance in Androscoggin County Superior Court is scheduled for Monday, April 1.

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