There's nothing like a great plate of lobster for those of us in Maine. But not only do we love good lobster, but we really love a great lobster story, especially with a happy ending.

Meet Louie the Lobster.

Louie is roughly 132-years old and has lived in a lobster tank, inside of Peter's Clam Bar for the last 20-years. He's lived in that tank longer than the previous owner owned the bar.

The new owner of the bar is Butch Yamali, who thought it was time to give Louie a pardon and return him to where he came from. The Ocean.

Although many people have wanted to eat Louie, to include one man who wanted to buy Louie for $1000, the new owner wasn't going land the bar's long-time friend onto someone's dinner party plate.

Instead, he contacted the Supervisor of the town, in Hempstead, New York, to have an official pardoning ceremony in the town where Louie resided for so many years.

It was a bittersweet day when Louie was placed on a boat and taken out to sea.

So, every September, during National Lobster Month, Butch tries to ensure that one of the beloved crustaceans are returned to their forever home in the deep, blue sea.

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