Musicians have to play.  It’s in their blood and it’s what makes them whole.  That being said, musicians also have to eat so they need work.  Some rock stars have the luxury of throwing together a bunch of players and because of name recognition they are immediately successful.  Not so in the case of Journey guitarist Neal Schon. Schon was part of band in the early nineties called Hardline, the focus of today’s hidden treasure.

Schon started on guitar in the band Santana when he was fifteen.  From their he formed Journey and built a successful career.  During those years he worked with Sammy Hagar in HSAS and did some solo instrumental work.  Journey went on hiatus so Schon formed Bad English with John Waite and two current members of Journey, Jonathan Cain and Deen Castronovo.  A bunch of hits later the band broke up.

What’s a millionaire guitar player to do?  Join a band of course.  Hardline was the brainchild of brothers Johnny and Joey Gioeli.  Schon and Castronovo joined and the band put out Double Eclipse.  The only real exposure they received was a couple songs in the Brandon Lee movie Rapid Fire, but the album rocked.  Below is a video for the song ‘Hot Cherie.’

The album was off the heels of the eighties and grunge was taking over.  Schon would later rejoin Journey for their mid-nineties comeback Trial by Fire but Hardline would not enjoy superstardom. That being said, the band did put four more incredible melodic rock albums, the most recent being Danger Zone in 2012.  They are definitely worth a listen and possibly adding to your collection.


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