For today’s ‘hidden gems,’ I wanted to introduce you to a hot, young guitarist; one that I think is going places and will end up being a household name.  The band is called Shark Frenzy, the year is 1978 and it marks the first recordings of a young Richie Sambora.


Before Richie saw the band Bon Jovi at a local show and boldy approached their charismatic singer about joining his band, he was working in a bar band that had just recorded their debut album.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that one of the other members of Shark Frenzy, Bruce Foster, recovered the tapes from a flood and salvaged what he could.

You can hear, via the video below, the soulful vocals and killer fretwork of a young, hungry musician looking for his big break.  I felt that with the current drama that’s going on with Bon Jovi right now (Richie’s absence), that this was an appropriate hidden treasure to bring to your attention.  For the record, I’m on Richie’s side, whatever that means.

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