Students from the Wintergreen Arts Center’s creative preschool recently visited the Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Public Library to attend Wednesday morning Story Hour with Melissa St. Pierre, youth services librarian.

Wintergreen Arts Center
Wintergreen Arts Center

Holding onto a rope, the 14 preschoolers were guided on the short walk across Main Street and up State Street by preschool co-teachers Lisa Brewer and Katie Greenlaw with the assistance of UMPI student volunteer Chelsey Briggs and preschooler parents, Brandi Morneau and Rosalie Delsignore.

While at the library, Wintergreen’s preschool students received their very own library cards which they each used to borrow a book to take home.  Their visit to the public library follows along with lessons the children are learning about the enjoyment of reading and how important our local library is to the community.

“We created our own little library at the center to help our students experience the joy and care of books,” said Lisa Brewer who co-teaches Wintergreen’s creative preschool with Katie Greenlaw.  “And, when Melissa St. Pierre came to the center earlier this month to talk with our students about the public library, she invited us over.”

Wintergreen students joined in with other local children at the public library as they listened to a story, sang songs, and worked on a story-related craft with Melissa.  They also played games and made new friends.

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