In recent weeks, Dave Portnoy has become a familiar figure here in Maine, primarily through his pizza reviews in our state's largest city. However, he's now shifting gears, setting aside pizza to indulge in some lobster.

When in Rome, as they say.

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For those unfamiliar with Dave Portnoy, he's the founder of Barstool Sports, a sports and pop culture blog that was founded in Milton, Massachusetts.

Credit: Adam Glanzman / Getty
Credit: Adam Glanzman / Getty

Maine is renowned for a variety of things—pine trees, blueberries, Stephen King, lighthouses, and, of course, our prized lobsters. Just this week, in fact, we celebrated National Lobster Day, an event that really deserves more attention here in Maine, but that's beside the point.

When you're visiting Maine, trying a lobster roll is a must—no excuses. Those are the rules, and I'm just the messenger. Speaking of rules, if you're not aware, Barstool Sports regularly uploads pizza reviews on their One Bite Pizza Review YouTube channel, following the mantra, "One bite, everybody knows the rules." So, Dave's departure from pizza reviews is quite remarkable.

In this latest review, Dave visited The Highroller Lobster Co. and went all in, donning full-on The Highroller Lobster Co. merchandise. He even remarked that he looked ‘like the state flag of Maine right now.’ While not entirely accurate, you can get the sentiment.

He also shared a picture of himself from The Highroller Lobster Co. during the review, captioning it "New Maine postcard."

We're unsure how many more reviews Dave has lined up in our Pine Tree State, but it certainly seems like he had a great time while up here. I've said it before, and I'll say it again—next time, he should make the trip up to Bangor. We've got some pretty good pizza, and now, I guess he's in the lobster roll review business.

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