The automaker, Volvo has issued it's largest recall in Volvo’s 93-year history. Almost 2.1 million automobiles worldwide, over 300,000 in the United States alone. Volvo says the issue for the recall is very rare but under an abundance of precaution Volvo wants to address the concern before something tragic happens.

The issue according to a report by the Associated Press is a seat belt issue.

"The front seat belts are anchored to the car via this steel cable, press spokesman Stefan Elfstrom told Swedish public radio. We have seen that this wire can be subject to wear and tear under special conditions, reducing the seat belt’s protection.”

The focus of this recall is aimed at vehicles built from 2006-2019. The models effected are:

- S60
-S60 Cross Country
-V60 Cross Country
Volvo has indicated that owners of the models listed need to do nothing. Volvo will contact effected owners via letter starting this month, asking customers to bring their cars to their local Volvo dealer in order to have the steel wire replaced and installing a fixed bracket.

Volvo is a brand that has built it's reputation on safety. They were the car brand that introduced the three-point seat belt and most recently have capped the top speed of their automobiles at 112 miles per hour, again with safety in mind. Volvo has also aggressively made the point that there has been no injuries or any accidents associated with the seat belt issue issue. They are being proactive in their efforts to contain any faulty materials.

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