Scam Claims It's the U.S. Marshals

There’s another scam out there and this one claims to be the U.S. Marshals. Of course it’s not them, but the alert can be deceiving. Here’s what to look out for to avoid this one.

How It Works

The individuals involved with the scam try to collect money over the phone, claiming that you could have legal problems if you don’t comply. You are told to “post bond” or “face losing their jobs, custody of their children, or other consequences,” according to the U.S. Marshals.

The scammers in this situation try to make it credible by using “badge numbers and the names of actual law enforcement officials.” They also make the phone number on your caller ID look like it’s an official government agency trying to reach you. Don’t be fooled.

 How To Avoid Getting Scammed

There are some things you can do to avoid this scam.

The U.S. Marshal said they will NEVER do these things:

  • Ask for anything like credit cards or debit cards numbers.
  • Ask for bank transfers or your routing number

The U.S. Marshals Service also says to not give any of your information to someone you don’t know. This includes both personal info and financial.

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Report Scam to Authorities

Officials also advise you to be sure to report scams to the F.B.I. or the FTC (Fair Trade Commission). If you wish to remain anonymous, you can.

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