A man and a woman were arrested for drug trafficking and other charges after police found drugs and firearms during a traffic stop and search of their vehicle on Central Street in Millinocket.

Two People Arrested for Drug Trafficking and other Charges

The East Millinocket Police Department said 48-year-old Robert Paradis from Howland and 35-year-old Jade Simon from East Millinocket were taken into custody around 1:30 am Tuesday.

Both Suspects out on Bail

Police said “Simon had 8 sets of bail conditions to include no use or possession of illegal drugs. Paradis was also found to be on bail.”

Fentanyl, Firearms, Suboxone and Prescription Drugs Seized

During the roadside investigation, officers saw drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. Police searched the car and both people and seized “4 firearms, Suboxone, a large amount of fentanyl and other assorted illegally possessed prescription medications.”

Two People Face Multiple Charges

Paradis is facing several charges including Aggravated Drug Trafficking, Unlawful Drug Trafficking, Unlawful Drug Possession, Violation of Conditions of Release, Unlawful Drug Possession and Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person.

Simon is charged with Drug Trafficking and Violation of Conditions of Release.

Investigation Remains Open

The investigation is ongoing. Ofc. Sallies was assisted by Sgt. Carlson.

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