When it's time for real romance, many people leave the place they live and head out somewhere else. But you don't have to travel to France, Maine has her own!

If you're looking to spend some quality time, with the one you love, you don't have to leave the borders of the Pine Tree State.

It's one of Maine's 'secluded islands' and it's no too crowded either. With only 73 being the population of this great hideaway, you and your other will be sure to find sweet romance.

Isle au Haut is known as Maine's most romantic destination. But you can't drive there and forget the ocean cruiser. Visitors make their way to this romantic island by mailboat.

Isle au Haut, or 'island top' has half of the island belonging to those living in the community, while the other half is a national park. But no need to let that stop you.

The community has some awesome bed and breakfast stops to take care of your overnights and their prices are reasonable depending on if you want to stay in a cottage, apartment or house.

They also have places to eat, gift shop and tour. It's no wonder this little getaway of Isle au Haut is Maine's most romantic destination.




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