This story that I found is really all done in fun and hopefully people will not get angry with where the state they live in landed on this list. has taken on the task of ranking the 50 states and Washington D.C. from worst to best. What was their formula for constructing their list? That's what makes it fun!

Here's the formula they used to rank the states.

  1. Arby’s locations per capita (source: Arby’s)
  2. Vape shops per capita (source: Yellow Pages)
  3. Google searches by people looking to buy a hoverboard (source: Google Trends)
  4. Google searches for egg salad recipes (source: Google Trends)
  5. Total number of Nickelback concerts per capita held in each state (source: Wikipedia)
  6. Facebook fans of singer Chris Brown (source: Facebook)
  7. Magicians per capita (source: Yellow Pages)
  8. People expressing interest in goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle publication (source: Facebook)

See what I mean.

Maine did really well, we came in 48th out of 51, that means Maine was the 4th best state of their list.

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