Amazing U2 Cover
I've really had just about enough of talented people. Seriously. To have even an ounce of talent that some of these cats on YouTube have would be amazing. Especially this guy Petteri who can sound like an entire band all by his lonesome.
Vocal Guitar Impression
I've been a huge fan of late rock and blues guitar legend Gary Moore for a long time. This video of someone at a concert blew my mind as a man captured the tone of Gary Moore's guitar with his voice.
Celebrity Impressions
We hear all of these celebrity voices now doing voice work for radio and television commercials. Isn't this effectively stealing work from actors that are trying to make a living? I bet the corporations are shelling out big bucks for these celebrity pitchmen too. Couldn't they save money a…
Movie Voice Prank
We all love the 'movie trailer voice.' The one that builds up the excitement for the summer blockbusters and gets all anticipating the movie's release. How cool would it be to hear that voice read you back your order at the drive-thru of your favorite fast food restaurant?
The Voice Needs Rock!
So yes, I'm a bit late to the party on this.  Last night I watched my very first episode of 'The Voice' on NBC.  It happened to be the season premiere and yes, I did enjoy it.  There are a LOT of talented people out there and the judges have great chemistry.  Howev…
Who Has the Dream Rock and Roll Voice?
Today’s question of the day comes from my co-worker Josh.  I’m the magic Genie and I’m going to grant a wish for you.  I have my favorite rock artists and bands and so do you.  That doesn’t mean you’d want…