Patriots Radio!
Ask and you shall receive! That's right, New England Patriots action will be coming to you right through your favorite radio station, 101.9 The Rock!
We'll be covering Pats games throughout the whole season! It's sure to be an exciting one!
Radio DJ loses Home
We radio people tend to band together when one of our colleagues is in need, and the time to come once again to help out our neighbors in Southern Aroostook County.
Bush Pre-Sale Code
Any Bush or Theory of a Deadman fans out there? How would you like to get a great deal when purchasing tickets to their upcoming show in Lewiston?
Ask O'Brien - 'Why a DJ?'
I received another great question the other day, but I’m not sure how to take it.  The question is ‘why did you become a deejay?’  Now, are they sincerely asking why, or are they pulling their hair out asking the Heavens ‘why, oh why, did you HAV…
O’Brien: Local Sidekick Turns a Year Older!
So about five years ago I was part of a radio team that had a pretty good following.  Then the other half moved on.  I went off the air for about a year.  Then I decided to come back and fire up the ‘All-Request Rock-N-Roll Radio Show’ again.  This time I ha…
Leprechauns Invade Local Radio Station
Boys and girls – be very quiet.  Doug and I are hunting leprechauns.  Not the kind that come in a bad 1980’s horror flick, but the real deal.  Unfortunately they’re so quick and shifty that we can’t catch them on film.