Your Kids Are Going to Love ‘Maine Backyard Campout’ Weekend
Now, this sounds like fun! Maine is putting on its second annual "Backyard Campout Weekend" to celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month. This event is a great way for families to enjoy the great outdoors...right in their own backyard. And the cool thing is, everyone will be backyard camping all over the state, all at the same time!
Maine Luxury Camping
When you think of camping you probably think of a tent on the ground, maybe a nice fire at night, surrounded by nature and not much else. Well, Sandy Pines Campgrounds in Kennebunkport has stepped up the camping game so hard they had to create a word for it...
Maine State Parks
Memorial Day is one week away and Maine has 36 state parks and 1 national park for us to enjoy this summer. If you are like me, you tend to go to the same state parks year after year. Here's a handy guide of the state parks in Maine. Maybe this year you can explore a new state park.

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