Ashland Police say the driver of an SUV escaped serious injury Wednesday night after his vehicle rear-ended a loaded logging truck on Route 11 in Ashland.

Police lights by night
Alex Schmidt/ThinkStock

The log truck driver had slowed down abruptly to avoid hitting some deer in the road and the SUV crashed into the back of the loaded trailer, according to Sgt. Jared Carney.

Even though the SUV was totaled in the crash, the driver sustained only minor injuries. He was not transported to the hospital. The logging truck was not significantly damaged and the driver was not injured, Sgt. Carney said.

Both vehicles remained in the travel lane and Route 11 was reduced to one lane for about an hour until the wreckage was cleared.

Ashland Fire and Ambulance also responded to the accident, which occurred around 8:30 p.m.

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