Many of us know that Steve Carrell, famous for playing Michael Scott in The Office and his roles in Crazy Stupid Love and Evan Almighty, is from Massachusetts.

He still has ties to the Bay State, including owning a general/candy store in Marshfield, MA that is 171 years old.

Although I am a big Steve Carrell fan, apparently I am not a big enough fan because this was news to me.

Apparently, according to a Boston Uncovered article, Steve purchased the Marshfield Hills General Store in 2008 for a half million dollars. Along with his ties to small towns in MA, his wife Nancy is actually from Marshfield, making the purchase a no-brainer.

A few years ago he was at the store discussing the purchase and how important small town meet-up places were. That was a driving factor. He wanted to keep the small town meet-up space alive.

Although Steve is the owner, he never plans on running the store. Instead, Steve's sister-in-law manages the store with nine employees, while Carrell continues to act.

In true Carrell fashion, he says that the free candy is the biggest perk to owning the store.

Of course, on the shelves of this general store, you will find candy and other general items, but there is also a display of "The Office" merch for sale.

The Marshfield Hills General Store is located at 165 Prospect Street, Marshfield Hills MA. If you are ever near Marshfield, and you are a fan of Steve Carrell, you should probably check it out.

You never know when Steve Carrell will pop in...after all, he is the owner, so it could be anytime.

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