So the other day when we were experiencing temperatures near 30 below zero, I made a joke on my Facebook status. Something like, 'So much for global warming.' It wasn't long before someone jumped at me preaching the insignificance of this cold snap to the 'indisputable' effects of climate change. It was a joke people!

Anyway, I found this article that is now claiming that this 'polar vortex,' as they're calling it could be a direct result of global warming. Huh? I'm not going to discount science, there may be something to it. But need I remind people that not that long ago it was revealed that a majority of the data on climate change was admittedly falsified in order to get grant money, so there's a credibility issue there.

Also, it is the age of social media and wouldn't you know it, the term 'polar vortex' has its own Twitter account. No, seriously, we're scientists. Geez. Follow it here if you are so inclined. Once again, I must make clear that I don't necessarily debunk climate change, but I don't really see any reason to believe in it either.

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