The SnowBowl events for the weekend are taking place at the Aroostook Centre Mall.

SnowBowl Weekend Events at Aroostook Centre Mall

Organizers said conditions at Spud Speedway in Caribou were too wet and muddy. The paved surface at the Mall and snow piles will be turned into a racetrack for SnoCross racing and more.

Saturday and Sunday Events

The events for Saturday and Sunday will be held at the Aroostook Centre Mall in Presque Isle. That includes Northeast SnoCross Tour races, Rave X Stunt Show, Vintage Snowmobile Show, Parade and Races, vendors, displays, food trucks, and more.

Updates and More Information

For ticket information, schedule of events and all updates, go to the Facebook page and visit the homepage.

Win Tickets on the Radio

Listen on the radio for your cue to call and win a pair of tickets to the SnowBowl.

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