The high school band from Madawaska that played at Thursday night's inaugural festivities is finding itself at the center of a political controversy here in Maine.

U.S. Senate Photographic Studio-Jeff McEvoy
U.S. Senate Photographic Studio-Jeff McEvoy

According to the Associated Press, leaders of Maine's Green Independent Party are upset with the Pride of Madawaska performing at President Trump's festivities Thursday evening. The band's director, Ben Meiklejohn, happens to be  the secretary of the Maine Green Independent Party.

Seth Baker, a former state legislature candidate, and former Portland mayoral candidate and Tom MacMillan have vowed to jump ship over to the Socialist Party USA. They feel that Meiklejohn's appearance with the band constitutes support of Donald Trump and the Republican Party and that the Maine Green Independent Party should hold Meiklejohn accountable.

Meiklejohn said in a written statement before leaving for Washington, “Being part of a presidential inauguration is an experience of a lifetime,”


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