A user on the New Hampshire Sub Reddit group who goes by the name of mtbsnow, has a passion for topography. He made an amazing carving of Lake Winnipesaukee. He used something called a Shopbot PRS alpha which is a Computer Numerical Control or CNC machine. How amazing is this?

mtbsnow via Reddit
mtbsnow via Reddit

mbtsnow, whose real name is Sean Urquhart, said the Ossipee Mountain range is a big reason why he decided to do this piece. Then another used named "MeEvilBob" slid in with a fun fact. I have done zero research on this but if it's true, it's pretty cool!

MeEvilBob said that the Ossipee Mountain range is almost a perfect circle. This is because millions of years ago the entire thing was one massive volcano. When the volcano was erupting the magma hollowed out a massive underground chamber below the volcano. Then when the eruption stopped it left that chamber hollow. The ground above the chamber collapsed in on itself leaving us with what we have today. MeEvilBob said Yellowstone was formed the same way!

Many Reddit users asked Sean if he sells his pieces and the answer is YES! He also does custom sizes and designs to accommodate different budgets. Check out Sean's work and contact him at Elevation Machine Works on Instagram.

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