It kind of sucks knowing that if you want to go to a variety of other national chain restaurants, you have to travel away in order to do so.

Wouldn't it be nice to have either an Olive Garden or Chick-fil-a in the County?

If you want Chick-fil-a, then you have to drive to Bangor because it is the only town in Maine that has one.

If you enjoy going to Olive Garden, you still have to travel to Bangor in order to eat there. The one to this place is that you can also visit them in Augusta and Portland.

So, if you could choose one of the two restaurants, which one do you think the County should welcome next? Olive Garden or Chick-fil-a?

Take the poll below and give us your thoughts. Who knows? Maybe, one of the exec's will read this post and consider building one of the two somewhere in the County.


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