Live news is so unpre-dic-table.

News Be Funny, fresh off its salute to snow bloopers, is back with a more X-rated compilation: news clips where the on-air personalities accidentally draw a penis.

It's so silly and so immature that it'll make you wish your local anchor would say, "We'll be back with more of the 11 o'cock news right shafter this with our newest member."

We've actually seen of these before, namely the poor morning news star in Seattle who drew a penis when she was trying to sketch a cannon. Don't you hate when that happens?

And then, of course, there was the infamous phallic weather map, which follows a trend of most of these bloopers taking place during the weather. What is it about the weather and the male genitalia? Guess Mother Nature has a thing for dudes and makes you wonder if she was the brains behind putting the "balls" in "snowballs."

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