Nice Weather Ahead in the County

After Thursday and Thursday evening's forecast, is it possible we could be seeing sunshine all the way into the middle of next week? 

We’re talking about potentially clear weather all the way through next Wednesday, September 14. That would be amazing. This weekend looks especially nice with temps in the low 80’s. 

Aroostook County, Maine Forecast

THURSDAY, Sept 8 - A scattered shower and the chance for a thunderstorm is on the horizon for Thursday and Thursday night.

FRIDAY, Sept 9 - We will have a mild day with a high reaching the upper 70’s, and maybe even 80. 

Weekend Weather

SATURDAY, Sept 10 - Get the grill fired up and get outside for a really beautiful day. We’re going to get a high around 81 with low humidity.

SUNDAY, Sept 11 - Another gorgeous day in Aroostook County with an even higher temp than Saturday - 83 for the daytime high.

Outlook for September 12 - September 14

MONDAY, Sept 12 - Still holding on to some nice clear weather with high temps right around 78 degrees.

TUESDAY, Sept 13 - Things begin to shift to the chance of some showers late Tuesday and into Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY, Sept 14 - Rain is in the forecast with a high of only 73.

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Plan Ahead

There’s a chance of a nice weekend again for September 17 and 18. This time of year, it’s important to plan ahead and take advantage of good weather.

Get ready for Fall and Winter is right around the corner.

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