The contract for air service into the Northern Maine Regional Airport (PQI) is up for bid every two years and the current contract ends this upcoming June.


In the last few years, the airport has typically only received one or two bids.  For the upcoming contract period, six bids were received with many new options to consider, including jet service and arrivals to different hubs.  These bids are reviewed by the Northern Maine Regional Airport Advisory Committee and the Presque Isle City Council.  The ultimate and final decision, however, is actually made by the US Department of Transportation in Washington, DC.

On Thursday, January 11, the Airport Advisory Committee, comprised of business and economic leaders from our area, met to consider the six bids.  Their recommendation was to accept the United to Newark proposal.  This recommendation will now go to City Council.  Here are the some of the benefits of the proposal:

  • 50 seat Regional Jet service to a major hub
  • Greater and more efficient access to locations in U.S. and the world
  • Costumer Service- ability to book through to final destination with one ticket
  • Checked baggage arrives at final destination automatically for one fee
  • Ease of making Connections- arrive at United Terminal for relaxed travel
  • Largest number of seats in the New York Market; 400 daily flights to more than 160 destinations
  • Early morning departure out of PQI at 6:00 AM (Increases number of early morning connections)
  • 6:00 AM departure gets you into Newark at 8:05 AM; Boston at 10:06 AM; Chicago 11:24 AM; Orlando at 12:37 PM Late evening arrival into PQI at 11:59 PM (Catches last arrivals from Florida)
  • Nationally Competitive Pricing

Presque Isle City Council will meet on Monday, January 22 at 5:00 p.m. to review the bids, consider the Airport advisory Committee’s recommendation, and requests public input during this meeting.  The meeting will be held in the City Council Chambers on the third floor of Presque Isle City Hall at 12 Second Street.

The recommendation made by Presque Isle City Council will then go to the US Department of Transportation for consideration and final decision.

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