Gas prices around New England are pretty stable, for the time being.

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According to the recent survey, prices at the pumps in the Pine Tree State were unchanged from last week, checking in at an average $2.42 a gallon. In Presque Isle Monday morning, most stations were showing a price of $2.63 a gallon.

Gas in New Hampshire was down slightly, averaging $2.47 a gallon. That's a 1.1 cent decrease from last week. Vermont also showed a dip in gasoline prices from last week, down 1.7 cents to $2.52 a gallon.

Gasoline across the country was down an average of 1.6 cents from the previous week to $2.44 a gallon. That's down 12 cents a gallon from last month, but 15. 2 cents a gallon higher than it was at this time last year.