A Fredericton police constable has been fired, effective immediately, after being accused of violating the police code of conduct.

Police chief Leanne Fitch says Constable Cherie Campbell's termination is the result of a ruling by the New Brunswick Police Commission.

The commission called for her dismissal following a hearing into allegations that she violated the police code of conduct by shoplifting in Houlton, Maine, by attempting to obtain favourable treatment from another police officer, and by asking another police officer to try to keep news about her arrest from the police chief.

Steve Lovegrove

Campbell was tried in May on a charge of theft by unauthorized taking but the jury failed to reach a verdict.  Court records show Campbell visited Marden's Discount Store in Houlton on Dec. 2, 2014.  T.J. Burke, Campbell's lawyer, said his client never intended to steal anything from the store and had distractedly put a couple tubes of eyeliner in a pocket after they fell from her cart. Burke claimed Campbell apologized when she realized the items were in her pocket but that the Houlton Police were still called.

The arbitration decision is now under review.

Read the Commission's full hearing proceeding and findings here:

(The Associated Press/Canadian Press contributed to this report) 

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