BOSTON (AP) — A man who rode a rented snowmobile across the U.S. border into Canada in 2005 to avoid charges that he hid up to $4 million in cash after declaring bankruptcy has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Darrin Klimek/ThinkStock
Darrin Klimek/ThinkStock

Cyril Gordon Lunn was sentenced Wednesday in federal court after pleading guilty in January to concealing assets from his bankruptcy creditors and making a false statement under penalty of perjury.

Prosecutors say the 69-year-old Canadian citizen owned Cy Realty Corp., a construction and development business in Pepperell, Massachusetts.

He declared bankruptcy in 2001, but failed to disclose that he had stashed the money in Canadian banks.

In March 2005, Lunn rented a snowmobile in Presque Isle, Maine, and took a remote trail into New Brunswick. He remained a fugitive until last year.

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