PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Maine voters will decide Tuesday whether the state should have a third casino.

Andres Rodriguez/Thinkstock
Andres Rodriguez/Thinkstock

An out-of-state gambling entrepreneur bankrolled the campaign to create a casino in York County. He would be the one to operate the casino if it's approved.

Supporters say it would create jobs, boost education and help veterans, seniors and others. Critics include Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage, who has called it another case of "big-money, out-of-state interests using Maine voters to get a sweet deal."

The Maine ethics commission imposed $500,000 in fines against four pro-casino committees for missing deadlines for filing disclosures that accurately reflected who was funding the campaign.

Also on the statewide ballot is a proposal to expand Medicaid, a transportation bond and a constitutional amendment to reduce volatility in state pension funding.

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