Incredible Video of Maine State Trooper Rescuing 82-Year-Old Man

We all remember the incredible video from late December of Trooper Tyler Harrington of Maine State Police carrying 82–year-old Bernard Perry to safety after finding him in a ditch with severe hypothermia and frostbite (see the video below).

What Took Place

What happened that early morning of December 22 was Mr. Perry, who has Alzheimer's, had wandered away from his home. There was a snowstorm and it was very cold out. A plow truck driver had seen him in the early morning hours walking in the Mudget Hill Road area of Vassalboro. Trooper Harrington found Perry and picked him up and carried him to the cruiser. A medical team and ambulance soon arrived and treated Mr. Perry. He was taken to the Maine General Hospital in Augusta. 

It was one of the most amazing things, and is a perfect example of the heroics of law enforcement.

Trooper Harrington Receives Award

As a result of his actions, Trooper Harrington recently received an award from the Dementia Society of America for rescuing Mr. Perry. The President of the DSA, Kevin Jameson, traveled to Maine from Doylestown, Pennsylvania to present the award on January 31.

Watch the Dashboard Video

Watch the video again if you’ve seen it - and if you haven’t seen this footage, you’ll see something that is truly remarkable.

A Big Salute to Law Enforcement

Congratulations to Trooper Tyler Harrington and the Maine State Police. We are so glad to hear Bernard Perry “has returned home and has made a full recovery.”

More Information

Learn more about the Dementia Society of America. They have a website with very important information. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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