The United States Congress met today at the Capitol to officially count the electoral votes for President and Vice President of the United States, and certify the election results.

Democrats objected to the tally 11 times, and several people who didn't run for either office ended up getting votes for President or Vice President. Maine Senator Susan Collins was one of those people.

According to NBC News and C-SPAN video of the House Chamber of the proceedings, Vice President Joe Biden, acting as President of the Senate, officially declared the results of the electoral college vote for President as follows:

Donald Trump of New York: 304 electoral votes
Hillary Clinton of New York: 227 electoral votes
Colin Powell of Virginia: 3 electoral votes
John Kasich of Ohio: 1 electoral vote
Ron Paul of Texas: 1 electoral vote
Bernie Sanders of Vermont: 1 electoral vote
Faith Spotted Eagle of South Dakota: 1 electoral vote

The vote for Vice President was certified as follows:

Mike Pence of Indiana: 304 electoral votes
Tim Kaine of Virginia: 227 electoral votes
Susan Collins of Maine: 1 electoral vote
Maria Cantwell of Washington: 1 electoral vote
Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts: 1 electoral vote
Carly Fiorina of California: 1 electoral vote
Winona LaDuke of California: 1 electoral vote

Of the 538 electors, a majority of 270 are needed to be elected President and Vice President of the United States.

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