Police arrested a 24-year-old man after he fired two shots from a handgun during an altercation early Saturday morning on the Colby College campus.

Shots Fired on Colby College Campus

Andrew Gifford from Waterville was taken into custody and charged with reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon.

Three Men Involved in Altercation

Gifford fired the weapon twice during a fight with two men during a party at the Alfond Apartments around 1:30 am. The two rounds fired from the gun hit the walls of a hallway. Gifford and the two men are not students at Colby, according to WABI News.

Suspect Treated for Injuries

Gifford had a wound to his head from an assault from one of the men, said the Waterville Police Department. He was treated for his injuries at the hospital. No one else was injured.

Giffords was transported to the Kennebec County Jail and with bail set at $10,000 cash. He is awaiting arraignment. Police are investigating the incident.

Shelter in Place Order

Shelter in place was issued on campus Saturday morning after the shots were fired.

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Statement from the Waterville Police

Interim Waterville Police Chief William Bonney said, “It is very fortunate that no innocent bystanders were hurt by this reckless behavior. I feel terrible for the students and parents who had to go through the trauma of this event, worrying that one of their loved ones may be hurt or worse. The officers had no idea what they were going into when they entered the building, fortunately no one was seriously hurt and the suspect was taken into custody without incident, but the officers were most certainly prepared for the worst on arrival.”

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