A 36-year-old man with warrants has been arrested in Oxford after a police chase and confrontation.

Man Arrested for Chase, Confrontation and Warrants

Police said Kenneth Avery from Norway, Maine was taken into custody early Friday morning.

High-Speed Police Chase

The incident started when officers located a black pickup truck leaving a condominium complex in Norway around 2 am.

Suspect Drove at Police Vehicle

The Oxford Police Department said “it was believed that Avery was the operator of the vehicle and a traffic stop was attempted, but Avery failed to stop. Despite attempts to initiate a stop, Avery evaded officers and led them on a chase, displaying reckless driving behaviors such as exceeding speed limits and deliberately driving the truck at police vehicles. Two sets of spike strips were deployed along the route, but Avery managed to evade them and continue on.”

Spike Strips Deployed

A Deputy with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office successfully deployed spike strips on Bolster Mills Road in Harrison and deflated the truck’s tires.

Confrontation with Suspect

“Avery was apprehended after a confrontation where non-lethal force was used, and he was subsequently transported to Stephens Memorial Hospital for medical evaluation and eventually to the Oxford County Jail,” said police.

Facing Multiple Charges

Avery is charged with Driving to Endanger, Failure to Stop for an Officer, Eluding, Refusing to Submit to Arrest or Detention, Passing a Roadblock, and Aggravated Reckless Conduct.

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