The Maine Department of Transportation has gained a reputation for creating some fun and clever signs throughout the year in an effort to highlight safety to drivers hitting the road.

They are usually filled with puns and often related to a particular holiday or season.

And because they aren't your straight-forward safety signs, they probably get far more eyes on them to actually read what they have to say. Who hasn't slowed down a bit just to make sure they could see what the newest signage was?

Just take some of the ones that were done around Thanksgiving.

"Mash potatoes, not you car" and "Buckling up can save you giblets" were just two of the signs that could be seen by drivers during that holiday.


Well, the folks at the transportation department are at it once again for Christmastime, and have delivered some seasonally-appropriate signs perfect for the holidays.

Here are a few of them:

"Only reindeer can fly, watch your speed." There's no need to speed this holiday season, but it does make you wonder just how fast Santa's sleigh can go. What's his top sped?

"Santa's watching. Buckle up." The saying goes something like "He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake," right? Well, it's no surprise that Santa can also tell if you're wearing a seat belt. So be a good little boy and girl and make sure to buckle up because Santa will know.

"Best unopened gift? Your airbag." We all love to open presents and rip that wrapping paper right off. But yeah, keeping your airbag from releasing means you've been a good driver and avoided serious damage from a holiday crash. Good for you for staying safe. Let's keep it that way.

"Keep safe by staying home for the holidays." This one doesn't really have a joke but is more of a reminder about COVID. If you're not out and about travelling you're far less likely to be exposed to the virus or even accidentally pass it on. So make sure to follow all the COVID rules if you're out and about like wearing your mask, washing your hands and keeping socially distant. Let's just have a happy and healthy holiday.

Be on the lookout for the signs this holiday season if you're driving, and of course, stay safe out there!

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